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Why Unified Care?

“We are called Unified Care and it's all about unity; it's about all staff working together in order to support service users and stakeholders consistently, so everybody's working towards the same goal – caring from the heart.”

The above sentiment really does sum up our company ethos; that the people we are entrusted and privileged to care for should be treated with respect, dignity and within a warm family atmosphere.

We actively involve our service users, service users’ families and outside professionals in discussions about their care and about any treatment they receive.

For each of our service users, we try to establish achievable goals that result in positive outcomes. We believe in growth and transition; we teach and encourage independence in a safe and structured way. We support service users to achieve their goals, however small they may seem, from a basic cooking session, to attending college and achieving qualifications, to gaining paid employment. If it is important to them, it is important to us.

All our staff are selected first and foremost for having a natural empathy with our service users, which is then built upon with specific training for our particular types of care.

At Unified Care, we take an holistic approach to our service users’ care, and feel that focusing not just on their specific care needs, but also on their wider lives and interests, can only have a positive effect on them as a whole. We want our service users to not only feel part of the Unified family, but also part of the wider community. As such, we actively encourage them to continue with, or indeed start, activities they may have enjoyed before coming to one of our homes.

Our service users currently take part in a wide range of sporting and other social activities, such as:

  • Swimming
  • Working out at the Gym
  • Basketball
  • Club Nights
  • Netball
  • Tennis
  • Yoga
  • Meals out
  • Dance classes
  • Spectrum Club
  • Cinema
  • Festivals

One activity which sets us apart from other care providers, and of which we are extremely proud, is our annual foreign holidays. We have shared some wonderful experiences with our service users on these breaks; the type that will stay with us all forever and the value of which is hard to quantify. To read more about our holidays and to see some of the wonderful pictures taken on them, click here.

A major aspect of the holistic care ethos is of course a person’s spiritual needs and these too are very much taken into account and accommodated. One of our service users makes regular trips to his local mosque, accompanied by staff members, and all his meals are carefully prepared in a halal way.

A large part of our home life at Unified Care, much like any other home, is food! Our service users are involved in all aspects of their mealtimes, from discussing and devising menus, to shopping for ingredients and helping with preparation of meals, and of course the dreaded washing up- no-one can escape that job! Our nutritionist chef is always on hand to advise on making the best choices for health, wellbeing and of course, taste!